KellyBronze Turkeys
KellyBronze Turkeys
KellyBronze Turkeys
Krafted by Kelly
Our History
Three Generations
of the Kelly Family
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KellyBronze Bred to be Wild Collection

The KellyBronze is the direct descendant of the turkeys that took Henry VIII and the noble Tudor table by storm. The KellyBronze turkey is raised wild – free to run and forage in woodlands across four seasons. We still follow the age-old tradition of plucking them by hand and dry hanging them to allow the flavour to intensify and the meat to tenderise. It’s not the easiest, nor the cheapest way to farm turkeys but the KellyBronze is a royalty amongst roasts.

For the rest of the year, we know that there is a place for a high-quality and mature bird prepared in an industry-standard way, allowing us to significantly reduce costs whilst maintaining great welfare. Our Krafted by Kelly range comes from the same family farm as our infamous, award-winning KellyBronze.

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