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KellyBronze turkeys are the best of the best, the most joyful treat. Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a KellyBronze turkey.
Celebrity chef, restaurateur and cookbook author
Kelly’s have stuck to tradition and with care and dedication produced what I call the real thing; turkey with all the character and flavour it was meant to have. Happy birthday to everyone at Kelly’s. Long may you continue. With love, Delia.
Delia Smith
Delia Smith
English cook and television presenter
Thank you so much for another handsome bird! Really looking forward to Christmas lunch tomorrow... Please pass on our sincerest thanks to everyone at Kelly Turkeys.
Gordon Ramsay
British celebrity chef, restaurateur, television presenter, and writer
I’m a huge fan and am always excited to feature it on the menu at my restaurant.
Legendary English-French Chef
KellyBronze is the finest turkey I’ve tasted, more meat, more flavour and a stock that is bellissimo.
Italian chef
First turkey ordered from you. One word...AMAZING. Tasted like turkey's used to taste when I was a kid. Never going anywhere else for my turkey now. You have a new loyal customer.
Jenny Beckett
A Loyal Customer
Congratulations to KellyBronze, a fantastic slow-grown bird, reared using traditional methods, a really special treat for Christmas.
Phil Vickery
English celebrity chef
I think for Christmas lunch it has to be turkey, furthermore, this turkey has to be a Bronze. The KellyBronze is the best bird you can buy, a good turkey reared well, is what makes all the difference.
English food writer and television cook
Top bird, top taste, it must be a KellyBronze!
British chef, writer and TV personality
I always get my Christmas turkey from KellyBronze. I love that they are allowed to roam and reach full maturity before butchering, you know that the roast is going to be flavoursome and succulent.
Italian celebrity chef
Once again, our Christmas centrepiece was juicy, tender and flavour-packed. A couple of turkey dissenters at the table were converted to the Kelly cause!
Delicious Magazine
A belated but huge huge thank you for the most amazing gourmet turkey dinner anyone could ever have imagined. Sublime!
Father, Cook, Teacher, Writer and Food Lover
Loved my KellyBronze tonight for Thanksgiving Dinner.
Art Smith
American chef
According to Kelly's, one of the true tests of a turkey is when you eat it cold. And I have to say that - hot or cold - their Bronze birds have lingering deep flavour, a fine succulence and punchy gaminess.
British food writer
No doubt the KellyBronze carries a certain hype. But these turkeys are the only ones I know to not only live up to their reputation, but also fly past it. In my opinion, it is without doubt the best turkey available in the United States. It is in a league of its own. Once converted, customers keep coming back year after year.
The Whole Ox
We're thrilled to offer Kelly Bronze turkeys, a bird that that is phenomenally flavourful and exemplifies our standards for Meat Raised Right. When customers ask us for recommendations, we can confidently say that these turkeys will do justice to the most important food holiday in America.
Fleishers Craft Butchery
KellyBronze for something like the 6th successive year. 8kg cooked in just 2.5 hours. Carcas in freezer and lots for next few days. Wonderful turkeys and will never get a different kind.
Food Journalist
What a fantastic tasting turkey. Cooked beautifully and so moist. It's great to have people who deliver what they promise!
Happy Customer
What a wonderful bird you and your family reared for our Christmas lunch and cooked to perfection by my wife, following Delia’s cooking advice: tasty, tender, succulent and moist. Well done and thanks to you all. We will look forward to next year.
Bill & Sarah
Happy Customers
My husband and I wanted to say a very big ‘Thank You’ for providing us, yet again, with delicious turkey for Christmas. We wanted you to know how much we appreciate your dedication to provide such high quality produce. This was our 6th order direct from you and wouldn’t want to have to go elsewhere next year.
Kathryn & Laith Abdul-Aziz
Happy Customers
Flavour profile, texture, juiciness of the bird and yield was like no turkey I’ve ever had. I’ll be ordering again this year and thank you once again for helping to make Christmas special - my 16 year old son who lives 70 miles from home with me has even been telling his friends about the turkey his Dad cooked which makes me very proud, as you should be too.
Jarrod Spring
Happy Customer
We had one of your turkeys this year and it’s the best we have ever had. We had everything we need in one box, including the thermometer which is great. I also managed to carve the turkey the best I ever have done following your simple instructions. We are so pleased, you have a customer for life. Brilliant product and a fantastic heritage attached to it.
Ollie & Jenny Newbold
Happy Customers
Just wanted to let you know that your Kelly Bronze turkeys have been a wonderful part of my family’s Christmas for 20 years! So congratulations for your 50th anniversary and I can hardly wait for Christmas day and this year’s Kelly Bronze!
Happy Customer
My Christmas Eve since the 1980s has started with the collection of the turkey from your farm. Sadly, it has come to an end this year. I will miss my visit and would like to thank you for some very happy memories. A KellyBronze turkey has been ordered from a butcher near St Albans where I will be spending Christmas with my sister. When the time comes for Christmas at my home in the Lake District, I will always source one as they are the most superb birds.
Elizabeth Tutty
Happy Customer
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