Reason 1
Quite proudly a product of the slowest farming method in the world

As opposed to 'all-year-round' intensive production. We produce eggs when our hens would naturally lay them in spring. They lay for 10 weeks, making our chicks cost more than twice as much as a commerial turkey.

Reason 2
We're all about the natural season and the traditional slow growing breeds

The unique KellyBronze is a breed that was reared over 75 years ago - for every kilo of weight they gain, our birds have eaten 30% more feed than a modern commercial turkey.

Reason 3
Bred to be wild and free

Our free-range stocking density is 500 per acre vs. an average of 16,000 per acre in commercial turkey barns. Because of this our birds live as nature intended, with lots of exercise and a natural diet of corn, soya and foraging. A KellyBronze has flavour, texture and produces it's own gravy.

Reason 4
The more mature the bird, the better the flavour

Our turkeys are over twice the age of a standard intensive turkey - doubling the farming costs but quadrupling the flavour. Maturity has the biggest single impact on flavour. A KellyBronze has well marbled meat and award winning flavour.

Reason 5
Plucked traditionally by hand

Without the use of water as in modern factories. It costs 10 times more in labour but dry plucking enhances shelf life and allows dry aging. A Kellybronze does not touch water, therefore, you don’t pay for water uptake as with other turkeys.

Reason 6
Hung & dry aged like a game

For at least 7 days, resulting in tender meat due to an enzyme change which breaks down the connective tissue in the muscle. Hanging incurs a cost of a 3% weight loss but a huge gain in flavour and texture. The tendons are also removed from the legs, making them a delight to eat.

Reason 7
Investing for quality

Our large investment into a fully approved licensed facility is used for just 5 weeks per year. The specialist equipment can only be utilised for dry plucking and is very costly per bird. As far as we are aware, there is no other turkey farmer who farms, from start to finish, from egg to oven.

KellyBronze Turkey