Whilst there are many foods that taste better after a night chilling out in the fridge, yesterday’s Christmas turkey can divide a crowd. Much rests on how it was cooked in the first place. At the end of the meal I take great pleasure in jointing the turkey, keeping as much on the bone as possible, and claiming every piece of meat so nothing goes to waste. I use a small domestic vacuum packer but wrapping the joints individually in clingfilm works just as well.

When you’re ready to reinvent your cooked turkey, always bring the required amount of meat back up to room temperature beforehand, and be careful not to re-cook it for a second time. At room temperature or warmed through cooked turkey is a delicious ingredient. It can hold its own or pair perfectly with a wide range of flavours.

The following are some recipes that we make at home. Don’t think of them as leftover ideas. They’re simply delicious turkey recipes.

Christmas Foccacia

Turkey spring rolls

Christmas squash and turkey open ravioli

Turkey and cranberry Yorkshire puddings

Turkey and cranberry club sandwich

Turkey and hasselback butternut squash

Turkey Panang

Turkey and miso aubergine

Turkey Thai green curry

Turkey Bao Bun

Turkey and Cranberry flatbread

Turkey and Hummus flat bread

Open turkey and avocado sandwich

Turkey tacos

Mexican turkey and sweet potato

Turkey, fig and caramelised onion pizza

Lemon and Turkey Linguine

Turkey Croque Madame

Pappardelle with Turkey Ragu

Perfect for using up your leftover turkey during those cold winter nights.

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Seriously Gooey Macaroni Cheese

In France this pasta regularly turns up dressed to the nines, the most indulgent macaroni cheese, it is sensational dished up with leftover roast turkey after Christmas.

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Cold Turkey and Ham Pie

It’s a great way of using up leftover turkey and ham.

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Sweet & Sour Turkey

For a wonderful balance or tastes and textures, substitute left over turkey in a popular Chinese dish and serve with rice.

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Turkey Salad with warm Clementine Dressing

The perfect leftover turkey recipe – the crispy meat is to die for.

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Turkey Korma with Cardamom and Orange

This is a dish to remember when facing leftover Christmas turkey, the aromatic, fruity seasoning’s with the turkey and lentils make a wonderful combination.

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Turkey Flan with Leeks and Cheese

This can be made with leftover turkey and pieces of cheese. Serve the flan warm with a tossed green salad.

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Turkey Cranberry and Mayo Layered Loaf

Half sandwich, half pie, this is the easiest Boxing day lunch and looks so impressive too. The combination of flavours works really well and its a great way of using up turkey – or to use up whatever leftovers you’ve got.

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Turkey and Sweet Leek Pie

This comforting pie with gorgeous chestnut and sage puff pastry topping and homemade gravy turns leftover turkey meat into a real crowd pleaser. I’m putting leftover white meat to good use here, but you could also mix brown meet in there too.

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Turkey & Mushroom Pie with Herb Mash

It’s quick and easy and perfect for chilly post Christmas days.

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Hoisin Glazed Turkey Wrap

The best thing about this recipe is that it is so simple to make. The meat should be at room temperature or warm. If I’m using tortilla pancakes, I pan fry a little chopped garlic and ginger, throw in some hoisin sauce, rice vinegar and a drop of honey, then toss the meat in to […]

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English Colonial Turkey Curry

There is something about an uncomplicated, old-fashioned curry-powder curry, after all the Christmas feasting. Its sheer simplicity offers a much needed change of gear.

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Christmas Nut Satay Turkey

This is another great pairing of inevitable Christmas leftovers: roasted salted peanuts – or cashews – made into a tangy satay sauce to serve leftover roast turkey or chicken. 

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